Teaser: One-click Blogger Importer for WordPress

I just uploaded it and if everything goes smoothly, it will be in tonight’s build for testers. If you are a tester, please try it!

Update: Changeset 2880 has the new importer 

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  1. I played around with this using the daily build and my dreamhost account. The main problem I found is that Dreamhost (and probably various others) doesn’t allow you to simply open a url like a file. I replace the grab of the main page and the grabs of the archive pages with curl calls and it worked fine for me. It’s something you might want to put into the next version. Also, have you thought about adding in code to pull in images that have been stored using the blogger image upload? I’ve now learned enough php to be able to write the code, but I figured I’d make sure that I’m not duplicating work.

  2. sorry if I am missing something, but I am new to wordpress.com, and can’t find this option in my account….is it only available to testers at present? Thanks, Jason.

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