Being a Multi-User user

I am not the first person to write on this topic but it bears attention. Moving from WordPress 1.5 Strayhorn to WPMU is like moving from a stunt plane to a locomotive. Where before I could tweak and break any part of my blog, now I am barred from editing any PHP: the theme, the plugins, all are out of my reach. Some folks might not like that but for me, it’s a blessing. My Strayhorn admin pages would dance around my screen like little devils taunting and tempting me to tweak one thing or another. Now it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” Now it’s all about blogging and it’s full steam ahead!

3 thoughts on “Being a Multi-User user”

  1. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhh It feels like going from a swiss army knife, to a straight razor.

    It does what its supposed to very, very well – but affords me no luxuries when it comes to customizing the design. Frustrating!

  2. Oh dewd… my login appears on your site, whoa!

    As someone who likes to play around my design a lot, this is starting to feel really writing-intensive; not that I write enough where I currently am.

    I wish they had a theme that was a bit darker, ya?

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