Invite Sent

I bequeathed my invite today. This is definitely a good cause and the guy who manages it can use me as a resource. He used the copy & paste method to import from Blogger to WordPress. Maybe will have a better way soon… 😉

10 thoughts on “Invite Sent”

  1. hey! i did that too for my girlfriend when i asked her to move over from over to wordpress!!

    yeah! isn’t there any **better** and **easier** way of doing this? hehe…

  2. Hello, can you send me a invite? I’ve used to have a Xanga, but then stopped using it because of its lack of features and customization.

  3. I really love the design of WordPress, I even tried so many times to build my own page with WordPress, but it’s all failed, coz I’m not really good at server, DNS, hardware and so on, therefore, I still have no place to blog. If there’s a free version that I don’t need to busy with probelms like things above, I’ll be definitely appreciate it.

  4. Send me a invite please. I have 3 blogs with blogspot but I hate the occasional shutdown and the lousy way of posting photos via Hello. I’ll be watching your blog to see if smart way of moving blogs will be available soon.

  5. I’ve been waiting for an wordpress invitation for months, unfortunately, I haven’t got one yet. Could you send me on if possible?

    Thanks 🙂

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