Kubrick Headers, Part Two

Nobody’s sure if it’ll make it into WP 1.6 yet, but I just uploaded the default theme customization script I was working on. Would you like to see a screenshot? Feedback is loved. 🙂

If you’re a wp-tester running the latest nighty build of WordPress, you can wait and see if the changes get committed, or download the script and images and the required javascript file to try it out. Feedback is loved. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Kubrick Headers, Part Two”

  1. The screenshot is sexy ;). This should DEFINITELY make it into WordPress (specially WordPress.com :)), and it would be awesome to have it in other themes too. Can you also set the background color with it?

  2. filipensses: Thanks! 🙂 Changing the background color is much more complicated. I’m going to give it a try though! Hopefully I can make it work with background colors and textures.

  3. If you check the link I provided in the comment I left in “Kubrick Headers, Part 1”, you could clearly see the work you’re doing as the embryo of the CSS web interface I mentioned in that post.

  4. That is pimp. Just pimp. This is something that should indeed, definitely be integrated into 1.6. If it isn’t, I’ll kick someone in the nuts. Speaking of which, I just did a nice long write-up on WordPress.com if you wanna read.

  5. Q: How do I make the entire header clickable? Currently, only the header text functions as a link…
    A: Open index.php. Change line 59, from to . This will make the entire header a link.

    Q: How do I remove the blog name and description in the header? My header image already has all that…
    A: The best way of doing this, is to open wp-layout.css. Find the first entries you can find for ‘H1’ and ‘.description’. Now add ‘display: none;’ to the values in there. The reason for doing it this way, and not by simply deleting the code in index.php, is that this way around, it will degrade gracefully if an old browser happens to drop by.

    This was taken from Kubrick’s page, it would be nice if your script could handle it.

  6. I agree with filipensses – the number of times i have had to remove that damned text description and title 😛

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