33 thoughts on “Teaser: Uploading Images Into WordPress Posts”

  1. Very nice work. Only through user feedback can the end product become better. The WordPress dev team is doing a great job adding functionality.

  2. Its awesome Andy but I’ve found a few bugs with this.
    1. Some filenames don’t upload on WP.com (see my blog post) but get added to my uploads gallery.
    2. On clicking “Save and Continue Editing” after managing posts, the post preview gets displayed in the Image Upload box aswell.
    3. No delete yet. 🙂

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  4. “a first class refinement” makes me think of first-class functions, which in this context would be images that are made up of other images, or rather, a photoshop uploading tool? Hmm….

  5. That looks like the holy grail for my content submitters. Oh when can we WordPress users have this for our sites, when, PLEASE!?

  6. I feel like such a techno dweeb. Where do I get the image uploader? I tried uploading images with the basic wordpress software and the photo was soooo big it swallowed the page.

  7. See, I didn’t even enter the website in the post properly. It’s a small miracle I can use wordpress the amount I do, but thank god I can type.

  8. well there seems to be an image uploader with drag’n’drop now…but I can’t make it work 😦 all i get are dead links and/but live links in my dashboard comments list.

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