Custom Kubrick Headers

This is still a teaser for everyone who isn’t a wp-tester, but it just has to be done. WP 1.6 Alpha now sports a dynamic header generator. Rather than choose from a stock set of colored images, the user will be able to select colors from a palette or enter their hex values (#FF0000 for RED) and they will have their very own image created by their server. The font color is also selectable and the user can toggle the header text on and off.

If you don’t have your own nightly build of WordPress 1.6 Alpha, you can still play around with the image generator, hosted by my personal site, and manipulating the colors:

I could go on and on… these are so easy to make! If you want to make your own and save it on your web server as kubrickheader.jpg, I won’t mind. 😉

24 thoughts on “Custom Kubrick Headers”

  1. I had an idea for a php gradient generator a long time ago, but i never knew anything about server-side image manipulation. Is this one powered by GD, or is it imagemagick or something?

    Looks pretty rad to say the least.

  2. It’s powered by GD. On my testing site, which sits on a small corner of a shared server, I have set up a little benchmark. It takes the same arguments as header-img.php but instead of sending back an image, it tells you the size of the image and how long it took to generate. My laptop performs better than that shared server, but it’s still not too bad. The image can also be cache by proxies and clients.

  3. this is cool! you know i was just wondering if there’s something like that for wordpress! although I want it to do even more, like taking images from entries of a category or categories and generate a thumbnail mosaic out of it which forms the name of the blog. que?

    1. take 20 (user definable number) most recent blog entries under category “xyz” (only those with images (meeting required size) are chosen)
    2. the images are transformed into thumbnails (choose from various sizes)
    3. thumbnails are arranged into a mosaic with different brightness values
    4. mosaic forms the name of the blog (or whatever word the user specifies)

    that way the header will always
    a) show what’s new in thumbnails
    b) have a slightly different header pic and
    c) is fully automated

    that would be sooooo cool. 🙂
    anyway, I’m rambling. Can’t wait to try out wp 1.6!

  4. Done it with a blog template once. Looked awesome. It loaded the page in a new colour every time it was loaded. T’is a nice idea 😀

  5. Arg… you’re gonna make me go digging through pages and pages of source code to write a plugin for WP 1.5 to do this? What kind of pal are you teasing us, huh?

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  7. Now, will it do random changes? Colors and such? My blog box is still being shipped to our data center, so I don’t get to play for another couple days!

  8. Nice work Andy.

    Now make it so we can upload a kubrickheader.jpg using your nifty new uploader. 🙂

    Little baby steps towards solving the issue of uncustomizable themes… if only they would give us proper theme support!

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