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  1. Hi Andy, can I suggest another feature(s)? I’ve read of people missing their smilies and I was wondering if you could create say an emoticon gallery tab for the default WordPress emoticons? 🙂 😉 😀 8) etc. Where users could add their own too?

    You could also move those “Drag and drop to post” and “Click photos for more options” to tooltips possibly, or a help tab or AJAX show/hide onmouseover dropdown div thereby freeing up space for an album tab bar there.

    I’d actually like to see the image uploader made more of a media manager and have tabs for different media. Categorising as you upload. A menu system like this:

    “Upload | Browse Attached | Browse Media | Search | Help”
    “Images | Emoticons | Audio | Video | Other”

    Browse Media displaying that second menu.
    I’m assuming that clicking an item will eventually let me rename, delete, set description, etc? 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  2. craig: I’m glad you are so interested! Keep in mind that WordPress is an open-source project, so you can contribute code any time. 😉

    You’re thinking in the right direction with multimedia, but keep this in mind: after you blog a piece of media, whether it’s an image or audio or video file, you’re probably not going to blog it again. You’d be more likely to link to your old post, right? Maintaining a full media library from the Write screen is a bit out of scope. With this little tool, I only want to make it easier to get down to the business of blogging.

    Keep on commenting and looking for the next update. I think you’ll be happy with the results!

  3. Thanks Andy,

    I will try be more active in contributing code myself. 🙂 I’m not very good when it comes to programming though, doesn’t come naturally to me but I’m happy to try hacking away at things if it means getting features I’d like. Just takes me ages! Will leave the image handling in your capable hands for now until I learn more and wait for the next goodies arrive to hack at. 🙂 I’ve been doing some tagging/category re-design mockups instead. Would love your feedback on what I’ve posted my blog there.

    But back to images and I still see image gallery album handling as an important feature. Users who blog by topic often like to add a thumbnail to those posts for added impact. Its not always a new unique image. There’s also definately a desire for a smiley album out there from comments I’ve read of those missing them.

    Perhaps not audio and video albums but I’d still like to have a media manager. Be able to upload those and manage them.
    Consider a media/file manager with a search box followed by a listing of files the user has uploaded, much like Windows Explorer does, filename, description, file size… Searching could narrow that listing down. Hovering a file could display its thumb. If its video or audio it could play. Dragging the file blogs it. Clicking it could edit it. Next to each file could be a check box. Select them and you could perform multiple deletions and perform multiple image handling such as resizing or thumb creation.

    Anyway, once the essentials are sorted maybe some of this could be added.

    Just out of interest, where do the wordpress devs discuss what goes into it? trac, irc? Are they the best places?

  4. I think I have found a bug. When uploading an image with a name that has spaces, the image is not displayed.

    Also I haven’t found out how to delete images (and a rename function would come in handy too!).

    It is a great start, though!

  5. Nice job on the uploader. 🙂 I’m having a bit of a problem uploading photos with spaces in their filenames too.

    I think it would be nice to have a seperate page in addition to the current upload tool for managing files/pictures (renaming, batch deleting, info, etc).

    Much appreciation for all your work! ^_^

  6. Hi, Ho, Andy – Surprisingly, I’m on MY pc and didn’t get bounced out!!! Made an update on my profile, tried to update a photo to the title page, but ended up here, a nice surprise!

  7. Hi Andy:
    I am in a fix here. I’ve flushed my cache (always do in each session)
    and I can’t get the wysiwyg toolbar in wordpress.com to appear, no matter what I do.

    I have no toolbar to speak of , only a save button, which doesn’t work.
    I have javascript, activex, referrers, cookies, etc. enabled.
    I have tried 3 diff. flavors of firefox 1.6 1.5b2, 1.07
    all to same result.

    Now, I have no ability to switch back and forth between the wysiwyg visual rich tool bar and the html toolbar. That option has disappeared from the options dashboard for me.

    And, in addition, my photos are disappearing from my website
    and I can’t fix it at all due to the above problems.

    I love what I see here, and I’m drooling over this toolbar you’ve made.
    How do I get it for my wordpress.com site
    what do I do?
    the image uploader keeps losing my images too.
    I’m confused.
    Thanks for reviewing this. thanks for your help.

  8. a new wordpress user: I understand you’ve had some trouble! You are not alone. The site has had a few growing pains, as those you mentioned, and we are working around the clock to smoothe everything out.

    Whenever you have any problems with WordPress.com, you should let the developers know via the Feedback form, as they probably don’t check this post for comments.

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