Importing From Blogger to WordPress with Comments (really)

I can’t give you the exact time or date but it looks like we’ll have Blogger importing available to everyone very soon. The Blogger importer is online! I just ran it on this blog and it worked like a dream. Donncha imported his old Blogspot blog into a test blog and it looks very hunky-dory to me! There would be comments, too, but Donncha’s old blog lived in the dark ages of blogging, before Blogger had comments. 🙂

Here’s a little advanced information on the importer:

  1. It’s super-easy. I’d call it a “one-click importer” but it’s really more like two.
  2. It’s pretty fast. My 100+ posts and 200+ comments were imported in under two minutes.
  3. It’s pretty safe. To make it so easy to use, I had to get the WordPress server and the Blogger server to talk and the conversations get pretty intimate. It will modify your template to make your blog easier for the machine to understand, then restore your old template and settings afterwards. However, if you have spent much time modifying your Blogger template you should make a backup copy before you run the importer. I never lost my template during testing but hey, you never know. (It’s perfectly safe for your posts and comments.)
  4. It’s capable of importing as many Blogger blogs as you have access to.
  5. It’s better than ice cream (but not gelato).

13 thoughts on “Importing From Blogger to WordPress with Comments (really)”

  1. Hey Andy… well, with the doors open, you’ll now have many more peeps (myself included) hoping that the WP import feature comes back online! For some of us, the inability to bring our legacy blog content over to WP is all that’s stopping us from a full-on jump to the WP bandwagon! (Oh yeah, and keep up the good work!)

  2. I sure hope this importer utility comes back…. I can’t move to WP until I am able to import my blogger blog. 😦

  3. I really need this importer back online. Can you give me an ETA? I have about 200+ posts to import from Blogger. If comments can’t be imported, it’s fine.

  4. It would be nice to have a Haloscan importer too. Most Blogger users use Haloscan instead of Blogger comments (it’s sort of a “new” thing).

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