Spam is Fun, Moderation is On

This morning I found a handful of new comments on this blog. Wonder of wonders, there was one on almost every post and they were all from the same person and each was relevent to the posting onto which it clung. It is certainly nice to have a fan who so dedicatedly applies himself to the task of manually commenting in such complimentary terms. But lo, behold and drop your jaw: he was naught but a naughty spammer, plastering his Air Travel link on my every posting. I imagine it was with great glee that this person clapped and shouted to the stars when he found that he had successfully bypassed the anti-spam sentries that guard this and all blogs. Perhaps he will return to find his links annihilated by my favorite Shaolin move: the One-Fingered Dragon Delete with Double Back Flip Crane Confirm.

From now on, everyone’s first comment goes to moderation. Filthy spammers need not apply their efforts here.