Blogging Enterprise

Coming at you from The Blogging Enterprise, a conference at the University of Texas at Austin, I’ll be adding thoughts and pictures to this post as the day goes on. The technorati tag is bloggingenterprise. (Update: isn’t supporting the rel attribute, so my tag doesn’t work. I’ll see about that!)

Steve Rubel is speaking at the moment. His talk is mainly directed at people who need to be introduced to the subject of blogging, providing definitions and statistics. I’m going to read his blog until things get more interesting.

11:09 AM “Engaging the conversation.” As an enterprise, you can’t expect blogs to be only an information outlet for your public relations department. Comments are units of conversation and it is that participation that makes blogging different. Reflect, respond, act. Stifle or ignore comments at your peril!!

11:45 AM “RSS is plumbing.” Right now we’re all talking about it, using the orange RSS logo, etc. As more apps use RSS behind the scenes we forget about the plumbing and concentrate on the porcelain.

11:46 AM “Blogging is actually a trick… to get your websites to stop sucking.” — Matt Mullenweg. 🙂 So far, so good.

2:29 PM “Rock ‘n’ Roll did not replace opera.” — Shel Israel