WordPress Likes Flickr

As you can see here we are building support for Flickr directly into WordPress. When it becomes available on WordPress.com, the feature is activated by entering your Flickr username in your profile. Then you can browse your entire photostream or use your tags to find what you want.

Update 11/3/05: Apparently I failed to mention that the flickr functionality was provided by the very gracious Owen Winkler!

When you’ve found the right Flickr photo, you can click on it to select the image size you want to use in your post. Drag it into the post (not all browsers are supported yet) and resize it with the mouse. It comes with a link to the original Flickr page, so your readers can leave comments and such.

Also appearing soon is the ability to leave a comment on any individual image hosted on WordPress! When you upload a photo to WordPress.com, a post is created with the title and description you typed in. At the top of the post is your photo, followed by the description and the comment form. We call that a subpost.

Every subpost has its own permalink and a link back to its parent, the post you were writing when you uploaded the photo. There is an option to use the permalink or the image URL as the link. When you browse your photos, click on them to see the options.

Did you notice the thumbnail option in that menu? Did you know that WordPress is making thumbnails again? That’s right! Unfortunately we are limited in the sizes of images we can process because PHP has limited access to system resources. If a thumbnail can’t be made, that option will be disabled.

These features are still very new and subject to this and that, so we don’t expect them to work perfectly just yet. They might even crash your browser if you work them too hard! Fear not, we’re working on it. 🙂

14 thoughts on “WordPress Likes Flickr”

  1. helloo,Andy : )

    I have a question about the flickr username which must fill into the Profile field of one’s WordPress blog :
    which flickr username I will fill on ?
    my flickr screen name? or my flickr account name ?
    and or my yahoo! account login name ?
    I tried to fill these names one by one into the field of wordpress blog ,
    the “Browse Flickr” Tab said that “Failed to find Flickr ID for ‘Black Rooger Flint(my flickr usename)'” ..

    Could you tell me why does it do.?



  2. Jack, your flickr username is oflinto.

    All, the username is also called the screen name at Flickr. It’s the last part of the URL when you view your own photos.

  3. Thank you for reply,Andy : )

    I filled the “oflinto” into the Field,
    but I have to say that the “Browser Flickr” Tab still showed “Failed to find Flickr ID for ‘oflinto'”…

    oho, I do not really understand why does it ?

    Could you help me again,please?

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