Google Video

Why the heck not?

It’s like this: [gοοglevideo=…]

Just include the contents of the src attribute of the embed element Google gives you when you click “Put on site.”

7 thoughts on “Google Video”

  1. hi, stumbled upon this article and since i’m newbie to bloging wanted to try this on my blog but didn’t get it to work. so could you be more specific for us (me) who are not so well informed. so do i need to put this in html code someway? i tryed to simply put gοοglevideo= to the text with the link to the video i wanted to show but ofcourse it didn’t work.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Howdy! Was wondering if this also worked for youtube?
    A friend of mine was asking me to help him place a youtube video, and we were puzzled when it didn’t appear.

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