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Due to the security issues of allowing iframes in posts, we weren’t allowing the use of Audioblog’s inline sound and video player for a while. The kinks have been worked out and as long as they stay that way, you’ll be able to post audio and video using their excellent media player.

Here’s an entertaining sample provided by the inimitable Eric Rice:

MP3 File

Head on over to and sign up to satisfy your inner podcaster.

9 thoughts on “Audioblog works on”

  1. Mike, new features on are not necessarily included in the standard WordPress distibution.

    You can already include the audioblog iframe code in your blog, so you don’t need our bracketed shorthand.

  2. But it won’t imbed as you have done. I get an “Oops!Unable to post to blog service: Didn’t receive 200 OK from remote server” when I try to post from AB.
    I can get a link that will open the video in a new page from AB but I can’t get the Iframe to display in the post iotself.

  3. I don’t know anything about letting AB post to your blog. I do know that the user must have the “unfiltered_html” capability, which means the role must be Admin or Editor.

    Support for AB’s posting service cannot be handled by WP people. Try inserting the object or iframe code directly into a post using your blog’s posting interface.

  4. It would be nice if we could use this feature (having a flash mp3 player) without audioblog. Audioblog is a paid service, and with googlepages (or with things like podOmatic) on the way, would be just a mp3 player away from being the standard FREE podcast solution.

  5. But Andy, can we already do this embed thigy with odeo audios?
    Or does this only work for Audioblog?

    Please share. Thanks!

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