Come for the widgets, stay for the puddin’

First off, let me apologize for the title of this post. Thank you. I want to greet everyone arriving from the blog post pointing to this blog. I want to shake your hand and kiss your baby and wish you good luck.

Speaking of luck, I picked up a $20 bill off the sidewalk last night in downtown Austin. Later I would give it to Ryan to buy the first round of drinks. He used his credit card and pocketed the twenty. Smart.

Anyway, about the RSS widgets. Aside from the language and character set problems, which I’m working on, what do you think? What is the coolest kind of feed to drop in your dashbar?

12 thoughts on “Come for the widgets, stay for the puddin’”

  1. Amazing widgets. By now i’m using my last 10 tracks played @ feed.

    I don’t know if this is possible, but a nice feature would be edit the RSS title.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I´m using Regulus 2 template. It doesn’t seams to have widget capability, am I correct?

    If so, how can I use them?? I don’t want to change the template, it looks sooo good…


  3. the widgets are lovely, thanks especially for the rss one & recent comments

    i’ll second the ability to edit the rss title – i’m also using & the title they give the feed is way too long. also, maybe the option to turn off that little rss icon? it’s kinda bright and clashy 🙂

  4. The icon’s fine. But with option it would please both likers and unlikers 😛
    The title editable would be nice.

    btw, nice blog ellie.

  5. The RSS widgets are really amazing, thanks for that 🙂
    In the contempt theme, the hover color of the RSS widget title does not look good with the background and it would be nice if the title was editable.

  6. How do I get these widgets? I host my own wordpress installation, is there a plugin I need to install or is it just certain themes?

  7. Andy, Andy, Andy… I like the look of the various feeds. However, I am totally bemused as to how these are set up… Although I’m no novice to web etc, this blog thing is doing my head in… total newbie.

    I get the concept, but don’t see anywhere for dummies like me to go learn the ABCs…

  8. ok… since I posted yesterday evening I saw the light. I am embarassed at how easy it turned out to be. Apologies to all who took time to even read my original “whining” post.

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  10. how do I make an ‘invitation to join as contributor’ widget?
    I want a prominent invitation sort of like a ‘pullout’
    You’ve probably already done this, I just have to find it…
    going to search google some more
    This should be a standard widget, available to drop-in ‘as is’
    it would increase your base
    (not that you need it, is terrific and getting better day by day)

    okay, widgetize me

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