Widgets Plugin Announced

It's been available for a few days but we just announced it: you can get the Widgets plugin for WordPress and start developing your own themes and widgets. Have at it!

[Update] TypePad has their own widgets and although their API is hidden behind a contact form, I must give them credit for having the best widget tagline: "Point. Click. Bling." 🙂

12 thoughts on “Widgets Plugin Announced”

  1. Ok, I had to change this(line 185 of widgets.php):
    $page = preg_replace('!^.*/wp-content/[^/]*plugins/!', '', __FILE__);
    to this:
    $page = 'widgets\\\\widgets.php';
    for the plugin to work.
    Now the dragging doesn’t work in Firefox 1.5. This seems to have been fixed on wordpress.com, is there a fix for the plugin?

  2. Exactly what I have been waiting for! THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS! Oh and did I say THANKS?!?

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  4. Thank you ! this is so cool….

    widgets are the motherlode to ice the cake,
    Combine widgets with some feeds you roll yourself….

    Your Daily Feed at http://dailyfeed.com will help you exploit WordPress widgets, so you can shake and bake your own custom content.

    example: I found out about the following resource (thanks to dailyfeed.com) : Create your custom feeds from Chris Pirillo’s fabulous Gada Be at (http://gada.be) service: Make an opml to import into your reader or your website.

    how cool is that! then use the feeds you create from your own key words, to flesh out your site with relevant news or information which the reader is looking for….

    I’m happy. Now that we’re all totally spoiled, how about a database engine
    for content, and some more custom themes…

    thank you

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  6. Zedlander, I had the same issue and used the temporary fix you mentioned above PLUS I had to make sure the scriptalicious folder was in /js and not elsewhere, and then dragging of widgets worked in Firefox for me.

    Instead of hacking a file, there is an updated widgets.php file that appears to fix the issue (I tested it and it works just fine).

    Snag it here: http://svn.wp-plugins.org/widgets/trunk/widgets.php

    You can visit the thread on the wordpress support forums here:

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