Recent Misperceptions

Maybe they read it somewhere else. Maybe they thought AJAX and Javascript were synonymous. Maybe they are hell-bent for dev leather. Whatever the cause, people are saying you need to know AJAX to make widgets.

AJAX plays no part in WordPress widgets. We use Javascript to create the drag-and-drop environment, that's all. To qualify as AJAX, an app would use Asynchronous XMLHTTPRequests to exhange data with the server without reloading the page.

I've written AJAX apps and even an AJAX theme for WordPress (not that it was great or anything–it wasn't) and I decided Widgets would be better off without it. So Widgets uses good old HTML forms.

That doesn't mean some brilliant widget developer can't put a slick AJAX interface into a widget or its configuration module.

And finally, where did anybody get the idea WordPress 2.x will drop support for 1.5 themes? It won't. We're expanding the theme system and making it more powerful but we're maintaining compatibility with WordPress 1.5 themes.

That doesn't mean all 1.5 themes will always work. Some advanced themes "break the rules" by accessing the database directly or otherwise bypassing API. Those themes will almost certainly break. That's the price you pay for developing a theme beyond the capabilities of the API and not submitting a request for API improvements. (the bugtracker)

3 thoughts on “Recent Misperceptions”

  1. OK, now I’m really confused. If standard 1.5 themes are going to work perfectly with 2.5/whatever the next inflated version number is, why are we being told to ‘fix’ our themes? Since when do non-broken things need to be fixed?

  2. Wank, don’t tell anyone but it is all part of our evil plan to lull your innocent soul to sleep so we origiastic demons can rip your flesh apart.

    Who doesn’t like a little bit of snark directed at them? 🙂

  3. It was always my perception that themes wouldn’t ‘break’ from 1.5 to 2.x as long as it didn’t integrate any plugins or do funky stuff. After all, it seems like the inbuilt functions are all (well, okay, almost all) being kept from one version to another.

    Oh, and it seems like on the web these days, dragging and dropping is synonymous with AJAX-POWAH! So I can see why they thought that with these widgets. They’re definitely very slick looking. 🙂

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