Search Relationships

I just typed “format hard drive” into the address bar of FireFox 1.5 in Windows XP and it brought me to How to partition and format a hard disk in Windows XP.

This got me curious so I typed it into the same version of FireFox on Ubuntu Linux on my old computer and got Reformat and Reinstall FAQ on Interesting. That’s also what I get when I use that query with Google‘s I’m Feeling Lucky button.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP2 brought me to an MSN search results page.

In Opera I get an error. I try again and press the down arrow key to select the hinted “g format hard drive” which is Operatic for “Google format hard drive“. Note the “client=opera” and “sourceid=opera” in the URL, which are synonymic Operaese words for “cha-ching.”

My favorite result is in Internet Explorer 7 Beta. At first, it brings me to the MSN search results page. When I visit major search engines Yahoo! Search and Google–two of the handful I tested–they ask whether I’d like to make their engine my preferred search engine. After a quick download, the browser will consult your chosen search engine. There is also a page on where you can Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer 7.

I never did find the answer to the question “Why does it take so long to format a large hard drive?”

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