14 thoughts on “Asides”

  1. btw, I’m going to make a few markup changes to Sandbox to make this easier and less hacky. Don’t copy my CSS just yet! 🙂

  2. We’ll eat our words! And how about a nice span.req-link { color: #147; }? And why don’t we have a body.category-asides for single pages?

  3. Being a ninny, where exactly do I begin when I want to start creating a format for sand box, collage external frame backround, ?stationary photo at top, and is there a widget for logging on?off.

  4. @Kristine,
    My guess is that there will soon be a formal place where we will all be able to post questions and help each other out, so I would hang on to your questions until that time…the comments section of a blog generally suck for support! :^)

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