7 thoughts on “WordPress as Library CMS”

  1. Great site! A great application for blogging. It may show people that it can provide some great services to people. I just started setting up a Magic City MySpace page on my site to list businesses and organizations that are on the social network. The more ways that we show blogging as flexible, the better it becomes.


  2. Hi

    This makes a lot of sense, why I have been implimenting WordPress as part bookshop catalogue at David Krut Publishing. The best part has been the ease of getting non-techy people up and running in virtually no time. The response has been great.

  3. I really wish Casey would have spoken up during my “WP as CMS” discussion… this would have made a killer example of non-traditional uses of WordPress for my little showcase!

  4. Hmm… this is interesting. When ever I need to build something custom for a client what I do is either use Rails to build an app from scratch or use PHP depending on the mood I’m in 😉

    Now I’m going to experiment using WP as a *platform* and build my custom stuff from there. Thanks for pointing us to the right direction by givin an example that this is indeed possible!

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