How to block MySpace profile songs

So I’m listening to Matt Dillon read the unabridged On The Road by Jack Kerouac and doing my monthly MySpace inbox check when I see an old girlfriend has sent me a message. I click over to her profile to see what she’s up to and the soft narration gives way to the blaring horns of some song I’d rather not hear.

Does this sound familiar? It’s one of the reasons my monthly MySpace browse only happens once a month: those damned profile songs on auto-play. I’m not the first person to state the problem, or to solve it. Anyway, here’s my solution:

Edit this file: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (try /etc/hosts if it’s not Windows). Add the following as a new line and save the file.

This may not take effect immediately. You can run ipconfig /flushdns to make Windows obey.

The nice thing about this method is that it works for any browser you have installed; no ad-blocking or proxy software is required.

Disclaimer: editing files that you don’t know from config.sys is risky. Your risk, not mine.

20 thoughts on “How to block MySpace profile songs”

  1. I use a bit of a different approach. In my user CSS I have the line:

    #miniplayer { display: none !important; }

    That rule will work for any browser that supports user style sheets. I use my own style sheet only in my primary browser so I always have the option of loading a page in a different browser to see what I might be missing.

  2. @Matt: Like Andy said, the option in the preferences doesn’t work.

    Thanks for this one Andy. No more crap music blaring when i’m trying to listen to my own music 🙂

  3. account settings > privacy settings > disable band songs from automatically starting

    has been working for me. it was glitchy for a while there while they switched up the player, but yeah.

    but your method is certainly interesting. and more… bulletproof.

  4. I like Andy’s idea of murdering the song; not simply turning it off. It’s like killing Windows Messenger three different ways: it’s not necessary, but it sure feels good!

  5. This post is a public service. If you printed it on a t-shirt you’d have a crowd around you, copying it down everywhere you went.

    Thank you.

  6. Well, tried editing settings in MySpace, which have moved to their own “Music Settings” area now, yet I still got unwelcomed musics!! Editing the user css files in fyrefoks seemed to do little so the hosts file has been molested.

    Aaaah, the sweet sound of… well whatever the heck I want, it’s not going to be interrupted by unwelcomness any more 😉 Though for semi ability to switch it back on when desired a shortcut to the etc folder now resides on my desktop – works well enough for me.

    Many thanks for the info 🙂

  7. ironically, this thread was commented on just behind the sonific songspot thread.

    why, if you hate autoplaying on myspace, is it ok on

  8. I also had the problem of myspace’s own “account settings > privacy settings > disable band songs from automatically starting” option not working. Then I cleared my myspace cookies and reseleted the option and autoplay is now properly disabled. (to delete cookies in firefox: tools > options > privacy > show cookies, search for myspace, delete everything.)

  9. OMG! Thanks for the tip.. I almost never visit MySpace for this reason alone! I hate music on websites for the same reasons!

  10. Thank you! This is great info, I can now surf with my speakers (and choosen music) on again!

  11. thanks so much it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Andy,

    your post just convinced me to turn off autoplay on our myspace page 😉

    May I suggest a browser plugin, though, that can remedy numerous problems of this kind? Since most content that is automatically triggered is flash based … use the plugin flashblock.

    It’s running smoothly on my firefox and I can decide which content to activate. Hope this helps!


  13. Thank you Andy!!! I was searching for an answer to why my myspace player didnt work and stumbed upon this gem!

    Like you said, in notepad I opened c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and did the opposite of your guidance. I edited out all the lines that included “myspace” and saved it. Presto! My player plays now! 😀

    Thank you!!! 😀

  14. I love you.

    For Mac users out there, open the Terminal and type: “sudo pico /etc/hosts”

    Then add “” at the bottom and save the file. BAM. Done. Fantastic.

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