DJ Parrot

I found this system for controlling your computer by whistling at it: whistle while you work. This is something I would like to try out… if I could debug the sound system in my Linux box. It hasn’t worked since an update got installed a few months ago. Anyway, it seems like a fun thing to use.

What would I do with this? I don’t know, probably nothing great. Maybe control my music player from across the room. I like the idea of controlling a computer remotely without any electronic devices on my person. Would it still work if the baseline noise level were as loud as I like my music?

This would be a cool interface for a pet-controlled computer application. Parrots can whistle. If I had a pet parrot I’d find things that he could control with a whistle. How about a music player? Let the bird have a whistle for Next Track, Start and Stop. Let the parrot dictate the playlist. Give him a account.