What are wii writing?

Typing on the Wii is probably not the most fun thing you could do but it does work. I’m impressed with the web browser, Opera, which works very well even without using all of the available input methods.

WordPress works pretty well but don’t expect to write a quick post–typing by aiming a remote at an on-screen keyboard is not even in the ballpark of quick–and forget about formatting.

Better yet, don’t blog from your Wii. It’s just not worth it. This took forever.

Another plus: AJAX works. So does dbx.

21 thoughts on “What are wii writing?”

  1. I’ve done a bit oy typing on the Wii. What stuck out in my mind was typing in passwords. It’s a bit sketchy with the keyboard up there on the screen 🙂

  2. Maps: Click+drag works. Double click does not work and the mouse wheel functions are not replicated. The map is too large to use zoomed in but too small to read when zoomed out.

    I want Opera to use the directional pad and the nunchuk.

    I want the Wii to recognize standard USB devices like keyboards. Maybe not iPods, but at least keyboards.

  3. I guess we won’t see the WII community on WordPress.com growing significantly then. Oh well. Or maybe it will but using text speak.

    Nintendo! What have you done?

  4. i had someone visit my blog on the wii. they also commented. i did notice they were on the page for a long while before i got a comment. perhaps i know the reason why now.

  5. Rich, you talk as if signatures are (or ever were) secure 🙂 My girlfriend signs on my card frequently. She can because I have a unisex name and my card carries no title.

  6. LOL….I tried it too. You’re right….baaaad plan, but it works fairly well. And it takes forever to leave comments – admin is a nightmare too. But I’ve only had it two days, and I’m still getting used to the whole control thing.

    It does raise a couple of cool possibilities though, but as yet, I’m not heralding it as the ‘wave of the future’ that some is hopping up and down about.

  7. I can’t imagine typing like that at all. Just imaging all the mistakes you’d make! Video game machines have too many features that are completely unnecessary. Besides, if you can afford a Wii, chances are, you have a computer too. And computers are much more efficient.

  8. Anything that requires large amounts of typing is a pain — but I’m still pleasantly surprised at how well the Wii browser works. It’s somewhat unstable (being beta and all), but for quick browsing, it’s really quite nice.

    It would be very nice if there were a Bluetooth/USB keyboard — but then again, if you’re blogging from a Wii, you’re probably missing the point…

  9. I’m glad to hear that Ajax is working, it hasn’t been on my site for comments. Another clue I should pick-up a javascript 101 manual.

  10. I was able to type a bit with the Wii. What I didn’t like was there is a text limit on there. I typed two paragraphs before I was stopped. I could not add more to it because it is a text box. Everytime I click on it, it won’t let me type more. It is quite annoying.

  11. I’ve used IRC from the wii, it wasn’t pretty…

    What gets me is the autocomplete.

    Why is the second suggested opetion for words beginning k– “Kleenex”

    I mean, why?

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