Waypoint: New Orleans

I made it to New Orleans this evening. The ride was pleasant overall. I’m definitely too tall for my bike; it doesn’t fit me very well. But physical discomfort aside, the ride was great. Most of the roads were U.S. highways, not interstate highways, and the traffic was light and friendly.  The bike runs really well at highway speeds. It doesn’t accellerate for well passing, being only 500cc, but it can get up to 85 without too much trouble.

I want to leave you with some very deep insights that I explored while riding but, well, I didn’t. How does one embark on a Chautauqua?

One thought on “Waypoint: New Orleans”

  1. Hi ho — had a nice chat with Sue last night — said they enjoyed your company. Sorry you’re uncomfortable, and it’s only day 2!!! Glad you’re enjoying the journey tho – stay safe! ps. speed limit is 65…….

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