Ohio Accident

I don’t know why, but this morning when my father checked my twitter (possibly not at that URL?) he read that I had fueled up in Ohio and then he saw “Ohio Accident” as a hyperlink and some text about legal services. He emailed me asking if I was all right.

Of course I’m all right. There was no accident. He didn’t instantly recognize that it was an advertisement and his fears filled in the gaps. Isn’t it interesting how a contextual text ad can trigger a strong emotional reaction?

The ride is much nicer on the Goldwing. It is as if the miles before me can’t wait to get behind me. This bike burns almost twice as much gas as my 500 but it also has more weight to pull and air to divert. I’m going to see if the local Honda shop has highway pegs for it. My legs still suffer a bit if I can’t change positions on the bike. Then I will set out for a day of westward riding. I might make it to Missouri or stop in Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Ohio Accident”

  1. Me too! I couldn’t move the curser fast enough to move down to make sure you were ok! My heart is still racing….

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