Square Art

I was having a great westward ride on CO-62 somewhere west of Ridgway, Colorado, gliding over the pavement in one of those harmonious states that make motorcycling a spiritual activity, appreciating the design of each turn and bend in the road and hollering thank-yous to the unknown highway engineer who made it possible.

Suddenly, without a stop or a turn or a bump in the pavement, the road’s numeric designation changed from 62 to 145 (map) but I didn’t notice the numbers. What I noticed was the change in engineers. This second section of the road was built on similar terrain with similar materials but the ride was all wrong. Not one of the turns on CO-145 began as invitingly nor banked as reassuringly nor finished as satisfyingly as the turns on CO-62.

I don’t know what it takes to make a CO-62 instead of a CO-145 but I’d bet the first engineer was a motorcyclist.

One thought on “Square Art”

  1. Do you know whether 62 or 145 was built first? It sounds like the 145 was built before modern blasting/leveling technology and the 62 could be made to better standards then the 145. Its hard to tell without looking at photos of the roads themselves.

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