Wranglers Prevent Monkey Butt

Monkey butt, aka chafing, is what happens when you sit on a motorcycle all day long without aerating your seat with sufficient frequency. Many people suffer from this very uncomfortable condition and topical remedy manufacturers have learned to capitalize on the reddened rump disorder. There are monkey butt powders and monkey butt cremes and monkey butt jellies and monkey butt jams. None of these things interest me because I’d rather avoid monkey butt from the beginning. Let me tell you about my anti-monkey butt jeans.

I rode a small cruiser from Texas to Vermont in about five days and monkey butt was an issue each day before dinner. The bike’s size restricted my luggage to two small bags and a second pair of jeans just wouldn’t fit. So, I wore my favorite Levi’s jeans each day and laundered them a couple of times along the way.

Before leaving Vermont I bought a pair of Wrangler jeans because my luggage space quadrupled when I replaced the cruiser with a Goldwing. If you haven’t worn Wranglers before, you might be in for an inexpensive treat. They don’t fit everyone but if you can find a pair that fits, get three of them.

For the first few days on the Goldwing I wore my Wranglers I had no chafing issues at all. I guessed it might be the new motorcycle’s seat so I performed an unscientific experiment and switched back to Levi’s for a day. The chafing returned. The following day, a 700-mile day, I wore the Wranglers again and suffered no monkey butt.

Maybe it’s the cheaper, looser-knit Wrangler denim. Maybe it’s a different thread or a different cut or maybe it’s something else. I don’t know much about denim or jeans or skin but I know that I won’t ride in Levi’s anymore. If you suffer from monkey butt, try changing your pants.

6 thoughts on “Wranglers Prevent Monkey Butt”

  1. Good tip. No one likes monkey butt. I’ve changed to wearing bike shorts under my riding pants cause I can’t deal with the jean seams for a long ride. I wonder if ladies’ Wranglers are just as good. I’ll have to try them out!

  2. Wranglers are still USA made… just sayin’.

    I noticed the same thing… it’s the pocket placement, for me. They’re higher up on the Wranglers.

  3. welllllllllllll my hubby wears wranglers and drives truck and still gets monkey but soooooooooooo guess we need to try all the other stuff..LOL

  4. The reason Wranglers are popular with cowboys is the fact that the larger folded seam is on the outside of the leg, not the inseam. Most other manufacturers are opposite. This makes them much more comfortable for those long days in the saddle.

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