Stats Plugin Vulnerability

Anyone hosting their own blog and running the Stats plugin should update the plugin to version 1.1.1 immediately or apply the patch below. A critical SQL injection vulnerability was found and fixed. The bug could allow an attacker to steal administrative credentials. ( bloggers are not affected.)

Most users will want to download the latest version and simply copy the new files directly over the old ones. Subversion users may do `svn up`. Advanced users may apply the patch manually.

Thanks to Alex Concha who found and reported the bug to me. He also provided the fix.

18 thoughts on “Stats Plugin Vulnerability”

  1. Is it just me, or is there a tiny smile watching over me on the side of the new iframe? I see you smiley!

  2. is it intended that i dont see the ‘Blog Stats’ link in my dashboard when i’m not logged in as administrator? as normal user (even editor) i still just have the ‘Visit your Global Dashboard to see your blog stats.’-link there.
    actually i dont want to be logged in as admin all the time :/

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