How to Rename or Remove Internet Connect profiles

I am so happy. Five minutes ago I was frustrated and angry but now I sit on Cloud Nine because I finally found a way to remove unwanted items from the Apple Mac OS X Internet Connect dialog—two unused USB EVDO devices with the stupidly long name “Novatel EXPD CDMA Wireless” made it necessary to scroll over to reach Bluetooth or AirPort. Just this once, I’ll spare you the gory grep story and get right to the goods.

Power users will just need the name of the file to edit:


Start Terminal and run this:

	sudo {editor} /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist

where {editor} is the editor of your choice. The sudo command is required because you are going to edit a protected system file. If you don’t have an editor of choice, use this editor:


Find the name of the device you want to remove. It will occur twice inside something like this:

		{lots of key/dict pairs}
		<string>{Name of device}</string>

To rename the profile, change the string (second occurrence). To delete the profile, remove the entire key/dict pair illustrated above (mine were about 100 lines long). Save the file and restart Internet Connect. BOOM!

This information was provided as a free service. I disclaim all responsibility for damages caused by following, or failing to follow, my directions. It worked for me. Consult your genius. Caveat emptor. Live free or die. Geronimo!

4 thoughts on “How to Rename or Remove Internet Connect profiles”

  1. Hot. I tether to a Treo for EVDO-on-laptop action and was annoyed that I couldn’t change the names for the USB-tethered and Bluetooth-tethered options (both said just “Verizon” in the dropdown menu).

  2. thanks for the tip.. used this to remove the Vodafone USB entry that I no longer use .. thanks 🙂

  3. LOOK in: /Library/Pref../SystemConfig…/pref…*file
    This is where you need to remove any CDMA/USB keys and dicts.

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