Free tech gear

Here’s a clever WordPress site: Take My Tech is giving away used gadgets by selecting a random commenter when the number of comments on a gadget reaches one hundred. The site will pay for shipping (and hopefully make the owner a few bucks) with the revenues from advertisements. It is a bit of a gamble for the owner—craigslist or ebay would be the more obvious choices—but I find it clever all the same.

The lottery process, including checking for duplicate comment emails/IP’s, could be automated with a plugin. I suggested building on top of my own Cap Comments plugin.

4 thoughts on “Free tech gear”

  1. That’s a pretty cool idea… were you going to start the process with a blog or something for people to gather at? Heck I change over my computer stuff so often and always give away my stuff… mostly to friends though.

  2. Andy, thanks for the heads up on this. Just entered to win some headphones. Great idea but I can see that the action would really heat up near the 100th post. I think they should make the winning entry number more random.

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