Austin WordPress users, mark your calendars!

Today at the GeekAustin/Dorkbot happy hour I met up with LinearB who said that on the second third Tuesday in May GeekAustin would like to co-host a social event with WordPress. I know Austin has a lot of WordPress users and consultants that don’t typically come out for the social events so I’m putting the word out early. How about it?

15 thoughts on “Austin WordPress users, mark your calendars!”

  1. @Carson: Geeks know how to throw a party. LinearB’s events are definitely testament to that.

    I’ll confirm with LinearB, but I believe the GeekAustin events will move to the third Tuesday of the month following SXSW. We’re trying to remove the meeting date conflicts that occur between GeekAustin and the Refresh Austin monthly meeting.

  2. I’m not a geek. I’m a biker. But I also have been using WP for near 4 years.

    It’d be nice to meet some other real life WP users, just to bounce questions and suggestions against, though.

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