Austin WordPress Professional Office

We’re thinking of opening an Automattic office in Austin. Being the only local employee, I imagine sharing the space with independent/satellite WordPress professionals. Are you interested?

Candidates should be earning all or part of their income working on WordPress (developing, designing, or servicing) and be able to defend their choice of editor. Benefits may include collaboration, networking, social opportunities, fortune, fame, romance, and French pressed Ruta Maya coffee.

We don’t have any locations in mind yet. Please include your home zip code for geographical tabulation. If you can recommend a cool location with flexible space, good bandwidth, and no long-term commitments, please do.

35 thoughts on “Austin WordPress Professional Office”

  1. Short answer: yes. My ears are perked up like my dog when the pantry door opens. (78729 be my zip) Can’t wait to hear what the other Austin WP folk have to say.

    I’m not earning all my income on it, but near 50% of my time spent in the first year of working for myself has been on one form of a WP-based site or another.


  2. I think that is a fantastic idea. And love the comment about French Press Ruta Maya. It’s the only way to fly. Look forward to hear more about this topic.

    Home location: 78749.

  3. Yesss!
    I’ve been developing websites with wordpress and now, working with mu and bbpress

    zip is 78757

  4. AWESOME! I’m up here in Round Rock (78664) which is right next to Dell. Might be a little far north…

    Drop me a line and we can chat more! Love to hear the plans.

  5. This is a great idea Andy! While I don’t qualify (I use WordPress for a bunch of personal sites, but not as a part of my job), I see this as a great way to solidify the local WordPress community and by an extension the Austin Web development communities as a whole.

    Have you thought about working with one of the up and coming co-working ventures? It could be a great combination for all involved. If you haven’t, check out LaunchPad and Conjunctured. There are great people behind both initiatives.

  6. Austin is little over 12 hr drive from my home. Anyways, good luck guys. I like the benefit of romance much better than anything!

  7. That’s an awesome idea. I’d love to have a WordPress/BBPress office over here on the east coast.

  8. No longer an Austinite, but I am interested in hearing how things turn up down there with the new office. I’m up in Dallas (75070) and mulling over plans to begin a WP-based career myself — so please keep me informed of anything that originates from the Austin area which could benefit Dallas WPers like myself.

  9. I would be more than interested in partially funding the office as I am a dedicated WordPress user and would like to give back to the WordPress and Austin community for helping me to grow my business. I have met a few WordPress heads locally and would like to do what I could to bring more attention to open source and wordpress developers in Austin.

    I am a hack when it comes to development, but I have many collaboration and pilot projects I would like to work with Automattic.

    I am located in 78738 (Lakeway). Office by the lake anyone? 🙂

  10. “fortune, fame, romance” good gauley sounds like fun , to bad you didnt do this in Southern Cali it would have been fun.

  11. Andy, I think this is an awesome idea. I’m just sad that I wouldn’t be one of the lucky folks who’d get to use the facilities…

  12. 78704

    I’m planning on mostly working from home after i move (2 weeks), but having a place to escape to/meet with clients in would be great.

  13. wait ! reconsider ! how ’bout Vancouver ! How ’bout sharing my nice loft office overlooking a ravine , 16 minutes to the base of Cypress Mountain, home of the 2010 Olympic snowboarding events and 15 minutes from the dock where my sailboat sit.
    c’mon !

  14. Hey, I think this is spectacular. Very interested. I’m on my 3rd major WordPress biz. That doesn’t count the little ones. I’m used to working in my home office or out of a coffee shop (if I’m going stir crazy from lack of seeing another human being). I’m currently working as VP of internet marketing for a real marketing company. But I still have those WP businesses chugging away. Definitely let me know if you have any locations in mind.


  15. Andy, Great to hear the news about the potential Automattic office opening here in Austin. As a sister True Ventures company, we at MindBites would love to help however we can. We are also good WordPress users ourselves ( We just got some nice space for our team at 14th and Rio Grande, which is a great central location. Shoot me an email when you are down here. I’d love to get together.


  16. Chicago web designer 60610
    I put a wordpress blog on all my clients domains usually with a custom template to match the site.
    John Schuster

  17. hey andy, just wanted to chime in with the others to show my support! would be a killer addition to the startup district and to supporting all the wp coworkers in town. 🙂

    cheers man!

  18. Andy, we might be able to accomodate you. We are downtown on congress, 78701.

    Feel free to send me an email if you haven’t already come up with something.


  19. I see this as a great way to solidify the local WordPress community and by an extension the Austin Web development communities as a whole.

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