If only, as IPv6 intends to fix IPv4, we

If only, as IPv6 intends to fix IPv4, we could fix the surface area of Earth. Will we eventually have wars over IPs like we do for dry land?

2 thoughts on “If only, as IPv6 intends to fix IPv4, we”

  1. I think the “battles” will be less acerbic. Any IP is as good as any other, excepting DNS providers. I can’t imagine anyone uttering the words “my father was born on this IP!” It’ll be more like a soup kitchen (if it’s first-come, first serve), or a trading floor (if it’s more of a free market).

  2. The wars are going to be over water.

    Nobody really wants to migrate to IPv6, because it is weird and different. I guess you can say we have been down this road already. It was called “The Trail of Tears” . . .

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