SxSW Interactive 2010 WordPress Bonfire

Assuming the county burn ban remains lifted, Boren and I intend to have a big ol’ Texas cedar fire in my back yard during, immediately before, or immediately after South by Southwest Interactive. A bunch of Automattic employees and WordPress contributors are expected.

If you are seriously interested in getting away from Austin (about 45 minutes) to throw small trees on a large fire, please tell me your best evening for this activity. Please also specify whether you will be able to provide responsible transportation for others.

UPDATE: Leaning toward the 16th based on a few answers. Would coinciding with the closing parties be a feature or a bug?

15 thoughts on “SxSW Interactive 2010 WordPress Bonfire”

  1. I can make it any night from 12th-16th. I could make it on the 17th if I had a place to crash for the night and it isn’t too expensive to rebook my flight for the 18th.

  2. Any night 12th – 16th except the 15th works for me. Will not be able to provide any transportation — hoping to acquire that from some other responsible adult 🙂

  3. Please remember that our house and a pile of rubble do bear a passing resemblance and then take a match to the right one. Non-tech speaking significant others more than welcome.

  4. I will be in town the 11th through the 16th, excited because this is my first SXSW. Not sure how available I will be, all of this depends on what my boss wants me to see

  5. Wednesday night would be good for me. St. Patty’s day bonfire anyone?

    When you say 45 minutes from Austin, is that East, West or North?

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