SxSW Bonfire Tues March 16

It’s settled. There will be a party at my house in Dripping Springs the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, March 16, to mark the end of the Interactive festival.

There will be some shuttle transportation to and from downtown Austin. We will share what refreshments we have. Please bring anything you would like to drink or cook around a fire.

There will be no high-speed internet. Come early to work the land, play with the dogs, or just sit in the shade of an enormous oak tree.


  1. Now that sounds interesting & fun. What is needed to work the land ahead of time?

    • There are many ways to work this land, from throwing rocks at fences to cutting and burning trees. The universal tools are boots and gloves.

  2. What’s the status of tonight? If everything is still on, what time?

    • Yes, it’s still on. Most are expected to arrive between 5-6. We have lots of food and a few cases of beer. More would be welcome.


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