How to Rename or Remove Internet Connect profiles

I am so happy. Five minutes ago I was frustrated and angry but now I sit on Cloud Nine because I finally found a way to remove unwanted items from the Apple Mac OS X Internet Connect dialog—two unused USB EVDO devices with the stupidly long name “Novatel EXPD CDMA Wireless” made it necessary to scroll over to reach Bluetooth or AirPort. Just this once, I’ll spare you the gory grep story and get right to the goods.

Power users will just need the name of the file to edit:


Read on for more detailed instructions.

One Mac Woe

I love my MacBook Pro. There’s just one problem. The mouse cursor’s magic pixel of love is a few ticks away from the pointy bit where I expect it to be, so I keep on clicking on the thing below the thing I want to click.

Imagine you’re playing the guitar and it’s your second knuckle that plucks the string instead of the fingertip.

I went searching for a solution. Twenty minutes of searching was never so ill-spent. Any tips on which bit to flip to fix the click?

Bigfoot MacBook runs cooler

I just got a MacBook Pro. This is an awesome computer and it is a pleasure to use. One problem seen by many MacBook Pro owners is the uncomfortable heat it transfers into air, hands and table (or lap if you’re brave). This is a problem for me, too. However, I’ve taken one simple and inexpensive step toward having a cooler MacBook Pro. Check out my custom lift kit.