Austin WordPress Professional Office

We’re thinking of opening an Automattic office in Austin. Being the only local employee, I imagine sharing the space with independent/satellite WordPress professionals. Are you interested?

Candidates should be earning all or part of their income working on WordPress (developing, designing, or servicing) and be able to defend their choice of editor. Benefits may include collaboration, networking, social opportunities, fortune, fame, romance, and French pressed Ruta Maya coffee.

We don’t have any locations in mind yet. Please include your home zip code for geographical tabulation. If you can recommend a cool location with flexible space, good bandwidth, and no long-term commitments, please do.

Austin WordPress users, mark your calendars!

Today at the GeekAustin/Dorkbot happy hour I met up with LinearB who said that on the second third Tuesday in May GeekAustin would like to co-host a social event with WordPress. I know Austin has a lot of WordPress users and consultants that don’t typically come out for the social events so I’m putting the word out early. How about it?