Theme name idea: Severance (from the GPL)

With so much hullabaloo clogging the air, I don’t even need to introduce the topic.

I predict that somebody is going to write a theme that allows a lot of new, proprietary themes to be written without the pesky GPL contagion.

Sandbox accomplished that for people who were happy writing CSS and using their own images. They could create a non-GPL skin for Sandbox and nobody would question that. Where Sandbox falls short is in its markup which, though it was thoughtfully written, could never be all things to all people.

So, I expect somebody to write a clever WordPress theme that severs the HTML markup from the WordPress-derived PHP code, properly apply the GPL license to the PHP part, and make a bundle on proprietary skins. You can even call it Severance and I won’t ask for a dime.

(I have been an employee of Automattic since 2005. My employer had no input on this post. However, a salary alone can affect one’s outlook on economic issues.)