Prevent SSH timeouts: disable keepalive

I never had the problem at home but on many other networks an idle connection would drop after a couple of minutes. I added this to ~/.ssh/config several hours ago and haven’t lost a connection since:

TCPKeepAlive no
ServerAliveInterval 20
ServerAliveCountMax 10

It’s counter-intuitive but it works for me. The usual disclaimers apply.

How to Rename or Remove Internet Connect profiles

I am so happy. Five minutes ago I was frustrated and angry but now I sit on Cloud Nine because I finally found a way to remove unwanted items from the Apple Mac OS X Internet Connect dialog—two unused USB EVDO devices with the stupidly long name “Novatel EXPD CDMA Wireless” made it necessary to scroll over to reach Bluetooth or AirPort. Just this once, I’ll spare you the gory grep story and get right to the goods.

Power users will just need the name of the file to edit:


Read on for more detailed instructions.