One Mac Woe

I love my MacBook Pro. There’s just one problem. The mouse cursor’s magic pixel of love is a few ticks away from the pointy bit where I expect it to be, so I keep on clicking on the thing below the thing I want to click.

Imagine you’re playing the guitar and it’s your second knuckle that plucks the string instead of the fingertip.

I went searching for a solution. Twenty minutes of searching was never so ill-spent. Any tips on which bit to flip to fix the click?

Bigfoot MacBook runs cooler

I just got a MacBook Pro. This is an awesome computer and it is a pleasure to use. One problem seen by many MacBook Pro owners is the uncomfortable heat it transfers into air, hands and table (or lap if you’re brave). This is a problem for me, too. However, I’ve taken one simple and inexpensive step toward having a cooler MacBook Pro. Check out my custom lift kit.