SxSW Interactive 2010 WordPress Bonfire

Assuming the county burn ban remains lifted, Boren and I intend to have a big ol’ Texas cedar fire in my back yard during, immediately before, or immediately after South by Southwest Interactive. A bunch of Automattic employees and WordPress contributors are expected.

If you are seriously interested in getting away from Austin (about 45 minutes) to throw small trees on a large fire, please tell me your best evening for this activity. Please also specify whether you will be able to provide responsible transportation for others.

UPDATE: Leaning toward the 16th based on a few answers. Would coinciding with the closing parties be a feature or a bug?

SXSW Begins

I’m at SXSW with Matt and Barry, waiting for Glenda’s panel “How to Rawk SXSW” to begin. We’re working on the site whenever we get a chance but the real life is pretty interesting down here. So cut us a little slack. 😉