New Wii Product

Safety barrier for your 94.2″ 1920p HD LCD TV. It’s made of the same stuff as your car’s windshield: clear adhesive sandwiched between layers of tempered glass. Sized to fit. Designed and tested (ISO 1337) to resist Wii™ remotes catapulted to 420m/s.

Pro model includes invisible optical channels placing Wii sensor bar diode output at the center of the screen for the ultimate in pointing accuracy.

Also a big seller: Wii™ remote Velcro™ wrap with gloves.

What are wii writing?

Typing on the Wii is probably not the most fun thing you could do but it does work. I’m impressed with the web browser, Opera, which works very well even without using all of the available input methods.

WordPress works pretty well but don’t expect to write a quick post–typing by aiming a remote at an on-screen keyboard is not even in the ballpark of quick–and forget about formatting.

Better yet, don’t blog from your Wii. It’s just not worth it. This took forever.

Another plus: AJAX works. So does dbx.